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Why monetization is growing with turning on the mobile payment?

Payments from a mobile phone has become commonplace long time ago. First, the user can make a transfer of funds from any device, be it a smartphone or a standard push-button handset. Secondly, it is quick and easy way - just send an SMS to a short number.

You do not need to connect to additional services, mobile commerce is already available to subscribers wherever they are. The maximum of one-time payment for each operator is different. From site of security aspect, mobile payments are comparable to transfers through a bank card.

By the way, 21% of the adult population of Russia don’t use banking services - says National Agency for Financial Studies. The survey was conducted in 2015 in a joint project the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank. At the same time 40% of respondents indicated that they almost never make non-cash payments.

However, the pace of modern life demands mobility. Express payments save time and energy. If, for example, registration card takes some time, your mobile "wallet" is always at hand. In addition, on the bank account might not always be enough funds and the mobile account is an excellent tool.

Frequent users of mobile payments became subscribers behind the wheel, as the majority of parkings accept this type of payment. Audience of online platforms can easily gain access to premium content, sending an SMS or by filling out a form on the website. Fans of the online stores also opened a payment method from mobile phones. And, of course, charity transfers to different foundations can be made quickly via SMS code with special words.

These are just couple of cases where the mobile payment works. Every day more and more applications and projects are started, the revenue of which is growing after connection to e-commerce and, in particular, mobile payment technology.