Monetization of Internet traffic

WapClick is a payment technology for web sites, when you do not need to enter the phone number or confirmation code to confirm the payment. This is a legitimate way to monetize mobile traffic, in which the subscriber agrees with the terms of the subscription cost and pressing confirmation button for content.

WAP payment technology scheme

A mobile user (1) clicks on and is redirected to the landing page (2) of a cellular operator, where, in order to subscribe to a service provider, it is necessary to simply push a button «OK». After pressing the button, the user is forwarded to the content (3). Mobile operator already detect subscriber's phone number during redirection to landing page. Content provider can customize that pages in case of carrier.

Mobile world.

40 years have been passed, since was committed first call from a mobile phone. It is impossible to imagine a day without a mobile phone. From a simple handset for calls a mobile phone has become a channel to the world, companion, personal secretary, bank. Of course, mobile devices have become more affordable, smaller, more powerful and more useful characteristics in functionality. Now it is not only a communication tool.

Over the past decade the technology market has moved so far that the advent of e-books, the new thin smartphone, tablet, and more recently, smart watches, nobody will be surprised. Gadgets far penetrated into our daily lives and are unlikely to go away from it. But this variety of devices and their potential impact on everyday users? How has the quality of life been changed with the development of mobile technologies?

Fast communication was the main objective in the development of mobile technologies. Maintaining and establishing social connections will always be paramount for users. With the advent of the mobile internet getting in touch has become easier, whether desired person in the same city with you or on another continent. Today your mobile is your opportunity to share relevant information with colleagues, the successful conduct of business projects and quick decisions. With the rise of social networks the quantity of communication options has been risen up too - textual, audio and visual communication are supported by any smartphone. Without smartphones and tablets people still would be dependent on one place, stationary computers and phones.

In addition to communication, mobile devices has simplified many everyday actions. So, parking payments, renew your subscription to the game, or the media, everything can be payed right from your phone. It is necessary to intensify the transport card, and you have no time to stand in the queue? Take advantage of mobile payments. Also with NFC technology, you don’t have take out your wallet in a moving bus or a long queue, you can make the payment, just attaching the screen to the sensor.

We have won admission to the world of mobile. Check the weather in the other part of the world, read the story of the street on which you you are walking, you can immediately do all this, on the go. The trend is that the media platforms transformed to the mobile application format. Networks and open chats allow a broad exchange of views and opinions.

All this is just an overview of how mobile technology has changed, improved and simplified the lives of billions of people. And this process is gaining momentum. It is hard to imagine the conclusion of major cases, the implementation of a daily routine, travel and educational processes without any gadgets. All of this new information is the mobile reality.