Mobile subscriptions

One-off payment is good. But subscription is better.

In the age of the mobiles companies are trying to provide quick purchase solutions. With the new systems of payment methods can both increase and reduce the loyalty of the audience

So, the faster and more reliable method of payment will be, the more likely that the user will come back to you. offers a convenient, time-tested way to of mobile payment - subscription. All that is need is your phone at hand.

The ability to quickly purchase a subscription or its extension motivates users to opt for the service. With content of popular online platform is available with a single click. No matter where you are or what is your operator, the system works quickly and without additional registration. For example, by subscribing to the channel with the latest movies, the user will be informed of the latest movies, will be able to watch movies at your convenience from your phone or tablet. Subscription allows him to be the first who gets access.

By the way, the online platform with any content can set the subscription button and share relevant information with their users. Subscription provides a stable income and helps to establish long-term relationships with the project audience. The technology has already been agreed with operators, so that payment takes place quickly and safely.

Working on subscription is taking care of the customer, his time and interest, and as a consequence, additional monetization for the project.